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Genuine 2.5" JL Audio 12W6, 10W6 Subwoofer Voice Coil - Dual 6 Ohm, OEM

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OEM 2.5" JL Audio 12W6, 10W6 Subwoofer Voice Coil. - 2.49" I.D. on kapton former

Genuine JL Audio 12W6, 10W6 voice coil - old school W6 only

(Does NOT fit 12W6v2, 12W6v3, 10W6v2 or 10W6v3)

Voice Coil Specs
Ohms Dual 6
Layers 4
Windings Aluminum
Winding Height 1.3" - 33mm
Former Height 2.5" - 64mm
Lead Length 1.5" - 38mm
Inner Diameter 2.49" - 63mm
Outer Diameter 2.61" - 66mm

Don't forget adhesives, shims, and lead wires. An all-inclusive kit
is available on our website.

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