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JBL 2418 Horn Driver Diaphragm

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Aftermarket JBL 2418 Replacement Driver Diaphragm

The best-quality aftermarket diaphragms available.

The same top-quality components that other top sellers sell, but at a better price!

This excellent diaphragm is made to JBL 2418-8 & 2418H-1 specification. This diaphragm is used
in the following models:

All 2418 series including 2418-8, 2418H, 2418H-8 and 2418H-1, D8R2418, D8R2418-1, D8R2418H-1, MR902, MR922, MR905, MR925, 3622N, 3632M-HF, 3632M-HF-T, 3677S, 3722HF, 3722N-HF, 4425LR, AC2212/00-WH, AC2215/00-WH, CAB55, EON series, EON G2, EON15, EON 15P-1/230, EON POWER15, EON15-G2, EON15P, MR922, MR926, MR935, MR938, MS112-WH, MS115-WH

Diaphragm Specs
Model JBL2418
Overall Diameter 3.0" - 76mm
Voice Coil Diameter 1.74" - 44mm
Overall Length 5.62" - 143mm
Impedance 8 Ohm
Dome Material Titanium