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JBL 2408 Horn Driver Diaphragm

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Aftermarket JBL 2408 Replacement Driver Diaphragm

The best-quality aftermarket diaphragms available.

Sound just like, and are made, to the exact same specs as the original JBL 2408H diaphragms.

The same top-quality components that other top sellers sell, but at a better price!

The best aftermarket replacement for the following drivers and cabinets:

2408, 2408H, 361549-001x

MRX Series: MRX-512M, MRX-515, MRX-525

PRX Series: PRX-512, PRX-512M, PRX-512MI, PRX-512, PRX-515, PRX-525, PRX-535, PRX-535S, PRX 612M/230, PRX 615/230, PRX 625/230

Vertec Series: VT-4887A, VT-4887ADP-AV/CN/DA

Diaphragm Specs
Model JBL2408
Overall Diameter 2.75" - 70mm
Voice Coil Diameter 1.5" - 38mm
Impedance 8 Ohm - 4.9 DCR