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Jamo 8" Speaker Foam Surround - A8

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Single piece foam surround
(Enough for 1 speaker)

Some of the models that use this foam include :

Jamo: 166, CBR-903, CBR903, CBR 903, CBR-904 CBR904, CBR 904, Compact-90, Compact90, Compact 90, Compact-120, Compact120, Compact 120, Coronet-90 IV, Coronet90IV, Coronet 90 IV, CL-25, CL25, CL 25, D-3e, D3e, D 3e, D-590, D590, D 590, Digital-90, Digital90, Digital 90, W-20172, W20172, W 20172, W-20316, W20316, W 20316, W-21711, W21711, W 21711, W-22175, W22175, W 22175, 882K2, and others that match the measurements below

Same surrounds that professional reconers use; THE BEST QUALITY foam available!

This is the foam only. Complete repair kits are available in our DIY Foam Surround Repair Kits category.

Foam Dimensions
Surround A8-Jamo
Outer Diameter 7.75" - 197mm
Outer Roll Diameter 7" - 178mm
Cone Diameter 6" - 149mm
Inner Diameter 5.5" - 137mm
Roll Width 1/2" - 13mm
Inner Attachment Angled