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Ferrofluid Kit 300uL for 1.5" Voice Coil - Ferro Fluid

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Ferrofluid Kit 300uL - for 1.5" Voice Coil

Ferrofluid dampens the impedance at resonance to lower distortion, smooth frequency response and increase thermal power handling.

Improves the performance of high frequency and midrange drivers
Conducts heat away from voice coil

Kit Includes:
1 - 300uL Ferrofluid packet
Absorbent paper strips for removing old ferrofluid
Detailed instructions
Material safety data sheet

Air gap should be 75% filled prior to inserting voice coil diaphragm assembly.

Can be used on drivers previously treated with ferrofluid, and also to upgrade most drivers that have never contained ferrofluid. Contact the manufacturer prior to usage as adding ferrofluid to a driver not intended for it may void the original manufacturer's warranty.