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Fisher 12" Speaker Foam Surround - F12

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Single piece foam surround
(Enough for 1 speaker)

Some of the models that use this foam include :

Fisher 105, 41880, A30FU20-52F, CSS-44, CSS44, DS-825, DS825, SC80677-2, SC80772, ST-440, ST440, ST-450, ST450, ST-456A, ST456A, ST-661, ST661, ST-920, ST920, STV-726, ST926, STV-756, STV756, STV-872, STV872, X-6000, X6000, X-7000, X7000, XP-2000, XP-66B, XP66B, XP-66C, XP66C, XP-7K, XS7K, XP-7S, XP7S, XP-75, XP75, XP-85A, XP85A and others that match the measurements below

Same surrounds that professional reconers use; THE BEST QUALITY foam available!

This is the foam only. Complete repair kits are available in our DIY Foam Surround Repair Kits category.

Foam Dimensions
Surround F12-Fisher
Outer Diameter 11.625" - 295mm
Outer Roll Diameter 10.625" - 270mm
Cone Diameter 9.375" - 238mm
Inner Diameter 8.9375" - 227mm
Roll Width 5/8" - 16mm
Inner Attachment Flat