18" Kevlar Pulp Subwoofer Cone with Foam Surround - Digital Designs, AudioQue

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18" Heavy-duty Kevlar Pulp Subwoofer Cone with Foam Surround

  This kevlar-infused, non-pressed pulp subwoofer cone is made in America and features a tall roll foam surround. Can be trimmed to accommodate a larger voice coil. Fits 18" Digital Designs, AudioQue and others that match the measurements below.

See table below for full specifications.

Cone Specs
Model Cone16
Cone Material Kevlar-infused pulp
Outer Diameter 17.75" - 451mm
Voice Coil Diameter 3.0" - 76mm
Depth 4.125" - 105mm
Surround Material Foam
Roll Width 1.1" - 28mm
Roll Height 1.1" - 28mm
Dust Cap Ridge No
Weight 205 grams