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Complete Boston Acoustics Speaker Foam Surround Kit - BosT930 - 2BOS10+2BOS6

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Complete 2 cabinet foam surround installation kit

Some of the models that use this foam include:

Kit fits Boston Acoustics BosT930 and others that match the measurements shown


REAL Boston Roll with no inner lip, NOT the one-size-fits-all!!!

Same premium American-made surrounds that we use in our professional repair facility; NOT cheap Chinese copies!!

Kit includes:

- 2 Premium 10" Boston Foam Surrounds (Woofers)
- 2 Premium 6.5" Boston Foam Surrounds (Midrange)
- Step-by-step installation instructions - (Also see video below)
- 1 Tube of professional-grade adhesive (Solvent-based)
- 1 Adhesive application brushes

- FREE shims available on request

Outer Diameter
9.5" - 241mm
Outer Roll Diameter
8.875" - 225mm
Cone Diameter
7.625" - 194mm
Inner Diameter
7" - 178mm
Roll Width
5/8" - 16mm
Inner Attachment

Outer Diameter
5.96" - 151mm
Inner Diameter
5.44" - 139mm
Roll Width
4.625" - 117mm
Inner Diameter
4.4" - 111mm
Inner Attachment

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