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Pro Speaker Reconing Kit - CA Glue included

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Complete Speaker Reconing Kit.

NOT FOR CAR AUDIO SUBWOOFERS!! - To find a kit for a car audio subwoofer, search our store for "CAKit3500".

This kit includes enough product to fully recone 2 single voice coil 18" speakers. NOT FOR CAR AUDIO SUBWOOFERS!! Some speakers require surround dampener, which is not included in this kit. If you need dampener; search our store for "surround dampener". We carry a standard, as well as a tacky.

Same products that professional reconers use.

Kit includes:

1 - Bottle of professional-grade CA Adhesive (For voice coil)
1 - Spray bottle of CA Adhesive Activator
1 - Bottle of our professional-grade CRC rubber speaker adhesive
8 - .010" Voice coil shims
2 - Tin application brushes
2 Ft of lead wire rated up to 1600W peak
1 - Springfield Speaker vinyl window sticker