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Infinity 4" Speaker Foam Surround - BP4

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Single piece foam surround
(enough for 1 speaker)

Some of the models that use this foam include :

Infinity 902-2046, 902-5051, 902-7345, 2000A, 87060CU-01FW 5.8, Composition Overture 1 BLK, Composition Quadrapole Surrounds (PFR), ERS-420, ERS420, Kappa CS-1A, Kappa, Kappa 32, (Auto), M100-3, Prelude P-FR (Composition), QLS, Quantum Line Source, RS-400, RS400, RS-7B, RS7B, SL Micro Satellites, SM-112, SM112, SM-115, SM115, Sterling TS System and others that match the measurements below

Same surrounds that professional reconers use; NOT cheap Chinese imitations!

THE BEST QUALITY foam available.

This is the foam only. Complete repair kits are available in our DIY Foam Surround Repair Kits category.

Foam Dimensions
Kit BP4-Inf
Outer Diameter 3.88" - 98mm
Outer Roll Diameter 3.56" - 90mm
Cone Diameter 2.92" - 74mm
Inner Diameter 2.6" - 66mm
Roll Width 5/16" - 8mm
Inner Attachment Angled