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Allison 8" Speaker Foam Surround - Bos8

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Single piece foam surround
(Enough for 1 speaker)

This is genuine "filleted" foam with a direct-attach inner lip, not the generic knock-off that others may sell.

Some of the models that use this foam include :

Allison: 2, 4, Four, 5, 6, 7, 110, 130, A-4, A4, AL-115, AL115, AL-130, AL130, Cube 6, CD-6, CD6, CD-7, CD6, CD-8, CD8, LC-110, LC110, LC-120, LC120, Allison PB88.3, and others that match the measurements shown

Due to occasional variances in Boston Acoustics frames, a few of these models may require you to trim approximately 1/16" off of the outer perimeter.

Same American-made surrounds that we use in our professional repair facility; NOT cheap Chinese copies!!


Outer Diameter
7.75" - 197mm
Outer Roll Diameter
7.125" - 181mm
Cone Diameter
6" - 152mm
Inner Diameter
5.5" - 140mm
Inner Attachment