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Pioneer 12" Speaker Foam Surround - A12B

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Single piece foam surround (Enough for 1 speaker)

Some of the models that use this foam include :

Pioneer HPM-900, HPM900, CS-609, CS609, CS-629, CS629, CS-7000, CS7000, CS-710, CS710, CS-720, CS720, CS-722, CS722, CS-722A, CS722A, CS-77, CS77, CS-801, CS801, CS-822, CS822, CS-822A, CS822A, CS-88, CS88, CS-930, CS930, CS-939, CS939, CS-A700, CSA700, CS-D7001, CSD7001, CS-D9000, CSD9000, CS-E7000, CSE7000, CS-E9000, CSE9000, CS-F7000, CSF7000, CS-F9000, CSF9000, CS-F7001, CSF7001, CS-G301, CSG301, CS-G7001, CSG7001, CSG-7000, CSG7000, CS-G9000, CSG9000, CS-G9001, CG9001, CS-R780, CSR780, CS-V70, CSV70, DSS-7, DSS7, DSS-9, DSS9, DSS-E10, DSSE10, DUET D12, 158436, 819925, 30-701F, 30-709F-11, 30-712F, 30-720F-2, 30-758A, 30-759A, 30-759A-1, 30-771A, 30-783A, 30-784A, 30-786A, 30-788A, Aria 70, JL-955WAV, JL955WAV, L-30, L30, M-12, M12, W-3001, NW3001, Pro-2001, Pro2001, PT-818714, PT818714, PW-302A, PW302A, Quartet 70, S-3001, S3001, S-710, S710, S-910, S910, S-W100, SW100, TS-300, TS300, TS-W301C, TSW301C, XO-15, XO15 and others that match the measurements shown

Same American-made surrounds that we use in our professional repair facility; NOT cheap Chinese copies!!

This is the foam only. Complete repair kits are available in our DIY Foam Surround Repair Kits category.

Outer Diameter
11.75" - 298mm
Outer Roll Diameter
10.625" - 270mm
Cone Diameter
9.25" - 235mm
Inner Diameter
8.5" - 216mm
Roll Width
3/4" - 19mm
Inner Attachment

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