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JBL 6.5" 4 Speaker Foam Surround Repair Kit - 4A65

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Complete 4 speaker foam surround installation kit

Some of the models that use this foam include :

JBL 4206, 4401, 4406, 39-0057 F37F18C804DA, 115H, 115H-1, 115H1, 18TI, 206HS, 406G, 4206, 4406, 506G-2S, 506G2S, 706G-1, 706G1, C608 GTI, CM 62, HP420, HP520, J1000MV, J800MV, J1000MV, J900MV, JBL2600, JBL62, JBL62T, JBL630, JBL630T, L1, L15, L20T, L20T3, LX-22, LX22, LX-300, LX300, LXE-330, LX330, PS-60, PS60, P-60, P60, PRO VIII, S2C, S2M L/R, S3HC, S3M, S3VC, S4, SVA-1600, SVA1600, Ti-600, Ti600, TLX-12, TLX12, XPL200A, XPL90A and others that match the measurements below

Same surrounds that professional reconers use; NOT cheap Chinese imitations!

Kit includes THE BEST QUALITY foam available.

4 Premium American-made 6.5" Foam Surrounds (Enough for 4 Speakers)
Step-by-step installation instructions
1 Bottle of premium professional-grade adhesive (Nitrile rubber)
2 Adhesive application brushes
FREE voice coil shims available on request

Foam Dimensions
Kit 4A65-JBL
Outer Diameter 6" - 152mm
Outer Roll Diameter 5.5" - 140mm
Cone Diameter 4.625" - 117mm
Inner Diameter 4.25" - 108mm
Roll Width 3/8" - 9mm
Inner Attachment Angled