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18" Pro-Grade Rubitex Speaker Gaskets-adhesive included

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Complete 2 speaker 18" Pro-Grade Rubitex Gasket Kit

Rubitex gaskets are constructed of 2 premium gasket materials, (Rubitex and Chip),
laminated together.

Rubitex is a black rubberized cork-like material for optimum vibration dampening.
Chip is a multi-layer compressed cardboard material, as most standard speaker gaskets are made of, for optimum strength, and bonding to the speaker frame.

Together they make the ultimate speaker gaskets.
Each gasket comes in 4 segments.

3/8" Thick - Fits ALL 18" speaker frames with 8 mounting holes

Kit includes:

1 PAIR of Premium 18" Rubitex gaskets (Enough for 2 Speakers)
1 bottle of our professional-grade black rubber adhesive (The BEST available)

Gasket Kit Specs
Model 2RUB18
Outer Diameter 17.75" - 451mm
Inner Diameter 16.375" - 416mm
Gasket Width .625" - 16mm
Gasket Height .400" - 10mm
Lugs 8
Surface Finish Rubitex