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Infinity 3.25" Speaker Foam Surround Repair Kit - 2A325

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Complete 2 speaker foam surround installation kit

Some of the models that use this foam include :

Infinity 902-2652, RS-4000, RS-4000A, RS-5000 (midrange), RS-8, 87060CU-01DW, Infinitesimal Micro, Infinitesimal Micro II, Minuette, RS-32 Kappa and others that fit the measurements below

  Same surrounds that professional reconers use; NOT cheap Chinese imitations!!

Kit includes THE BEST QUALITY foam available

2 Premium American-made 3.25" Foam Surrounds (Enough for 2 Speakers)
Step-by-step installation instructions
1 Bottle of premium professional-grade adhesive (Nitrile rubber)
1 Adhesive application brush
FREE shims available on request

Foam Dimensions
Kit 2A325-Infinity
Outer Diameter 3.25" - 83mm
Outer Roll Diameter 2.96" - 75mm
Cone Diameter 2.5" - 64mm
Inner Diameter 2.23" - 57mm
Roll Width 3/16" - 5mm
Inner Attachment Angled

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