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Marantz 12" Angle-attach Speaker Foam Surround Repair Kit - 2A12B

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Complete 2 speaker foam surround installation kit

This ANGLE-ATTACHED foam is used ONLY on the following Marantz speakers :

Marantz 45-450, 45450, 920, 930, 940, 1230, 141W121, 141W204, 141W12120, 211-1003-100, 841-1116-000, DR-120, DR120, DS-930, DS930, HD-770, HD770, HD-880, HD880,LS-15, LS-15, LS-15A, LS15A, LS-16, LS16, M-10, M10, M-16, M16, Prestige 1230, RG-150, RG150, SP-40, SP40, SP-65, SP65, SP-120, SP120, SP-124, SP124, SP-124J,SP124J, SP-1200, SP1200, SP-1250, SP1250, SP-1812, SP1812, SP-2052, SP2052, SP-2062, SP2062 and others that match the measurements shown

Same American-made surrounds that we use in our professional repair facility; NOT cheap Chinese copies!!

Kit includes:

- 2 Premium American-made Foam Surrounds (Enough for 2 speakers)
- Step-by-step installation instructions - ( Also see video below)
- 1 Bottle of premium professional-grade adhesive ( Solvent-based)
- 1 Adhesive application brush
- FREE shims available on request

Outer Diameter
11.75" - 298mm
Outer Roll Diameter
10.625" - 270mm
Cone Diameter
9.25" - 235mm
Inner Diameter
8.5" - 216mm
Roll Width
3/4" - 19mm
Inner Attachment

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