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Kenwood 12" Speaker Foam Surround Repair Kit - 2A12B

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Complete 2 speaker foam surround installation kit

Some of the models that use this foam include :

Kenwood JL-600, JL-635AV, JL-660, JL-670, JL-703, JL-720, JL-720W, JL-730W, JL-740W, JL-750W, JL-760, JL-777, JL-800, JL-810, JL-820W, JL-840W, JL-845W, JL-855, JL-865AV, JL-870, JL-880, JL-9060AV, JL-930W, JL-940W, JL-955, JL-955AV, JL-965AV, JL-969, JL-975AV, KFC-W3000, KFC-W3012, KFC-W112, KL-444A, LS-408A, LA-408B, LS-408C, LS-990, LS-7200, LSK-400, LSK-500, LSK-500B, LSK-5000, LSK-700, LSK-701W, LSP-5000D, LSP-5000K, LSP-5000X, LSP-5100, LSP-700HG, LSP-7200, LSP-5100, SW-X1, T10-0052-03, T10-0159-10, T10-0174-00, T10-0208-10, T10-0287-03, T10-0289-03, T10-0290-03, T10-0249, T10-0325-15, T10-0325-05, T10-0328-05, T10-0329-05, T10-0628-05, T19-0031-00, T19-0052-03, T19-0067-05, T19-0067-15, 865M Spectrum, 975AL, B 50 3756 and others that match the measurements shown

Same American-made surrounds that we use in our professional repair facility; NOT cheap Chinese copies!!

Kit includes:

- 2 Premium American-made Foam Surrounds (Enough for 2 speakers)
- Step-by-step installation instructions - (Also see video below)
- 1 Bottle of premium professional-grade adhesive (Solvent-based)
- 1 Adhesive application brush
- FREE shims available on request

Outer Diameter
11.75" - 298mm
Outer Roll Diameter
10.625" - 270mm
Cone Diameter
9.25" - 235mm
Inner Diameter
8.5" - 216mm
Roll Width
3/4" - 19mm
Inner Attachment

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