Diy with Shims

How to Install Your Speaker Foam Repair Kit Using Voice Coil Shims.

**NOTE** These instructions tell you how to perform this repair by destroying your old dust caps, and replacing with new ones. If you intend to reuse your old dust caps, then you must be very careful in removing them so you do not damage your cone. This is really just a supplement to the instructions on how to install your new foams without shims, so read that first.

Follow those instructions on how to clean your cone and frame, and then continue below.

1- After you get all the old foam residue cleaned off of your cone and frame, Make a note, or marking on the frame to indicate the exact direction of your dust cap logo (If you have a logo) Then cut the dust caps open, and remove them carefully so that you don't damage the cone in the process.
2- Then you will insert the shims into the voice coil gap that you have now exposed. Insert them evenly all the way around to center your voice coil.
3- Glue your foams in place. Allow the glue to cure overnight.
4- Come back the next day, REMOVE ALL OF THE SHIMS, and discard them. Glue your new dust caps in place, making sure to align the logos correctly, and allow them to dry for 12-24 hours.

Enjoy the music!
- Springfield Speaker