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Gemini Horn Diaphragm - 8 Ohm

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Aftermarket 8 Ohm Diaphragm

The best-quality aftermarket diaphragms available.

The same top-quality components that other top sellers sell, but at a better price!

The perfect replacement for the following drivers:

Gemini GX400, GX-400, GX 400

Turbosound RD111, RD-111, RD 111, RD-111-8, 111

Turbosound CD111, CD-111, CD 111, CD-111-8, 111-8

Turbosound TXD121, TXD-121, TXD 121, TXD-121-8

Turbosound TXD12M, TXD-12M, TXD 12M, TXD-12M-8

Turbosound TXD151, TXD-151, TXD 151, TXD-151-8

Mackie DC10/1701-8, DC-10-1701-8, DC10 1701-8

Mackie CD10 1701-8, CD10-1701-8, CD10/1701-8

Mackie SRM450, SRM-450, SRM 450

Mackie SR1522z, SR-1522z, SR 1522z

Mackie C300Z, C300-Z, C-300Z, C 300Z

Mackie 0008093 Driver

Behringer 44P60A8, 44P60-A8, 44-P60A8, 44P60A-8

P-Audio 440, BMD-440, BMD 440

P-Audio 450, BMD-450, BMD 450

P-Audio Co-Ax BM10 CXA, BM10-CXA, BM10CXA

P-Audio Co-Ax BM12 CXA, BM12-CXA, BM12CXA

P-Audio Co-Ax BM12 CXHA, BM12-CXHA, BM12CXHA

P-Audio Co-Ax BM15 CXA, BM15-CXA, BM15CXA

P-Audio Co-Ax BM15 CXHA, BM15-CXHA, BM15CXHA

Diaphragm Specs

Model 1P450
Overall Diameter 2.75" - 70mm
Voice Coil Diameter 1.75" - 44mm
Overall Length 4.18" - 106mm
Impedance 8 Ohm - 6.5 DCR
Dome Material Titanium