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Have us Repair Your Speaker


If you are not local to the Springfield, Missouri area, but would like us to repair your speaker, call or email ahead for a repair quote.  We charge the amount of our quote plus actual shipping.

 You MUST request a repair quote BEFORE you can proceed!!

After you have received our quote, please fill out the required info below, and click "Submit Form"  You will immediately be sent a confirmation email.  That email will contain confirmation of the information you submitted, as well as packing instructions.


PACKING - We recommend bolting or zip-tying your speaker to a thin board or rigid piece of cardboard the same size as the inside bottom of the box in which you intend to ship it. Line the bottom of the box with 2" of bubble wrap, and place speaker, connected to board, face down in box. Then fill remaining space in box with bubble wrap.  Don't be stingy on the bubble wrap and everything will be fine. A minimum 2" thickness all the way around on the bubble wrap is highly recommended. When you are done packing, there should be NOTHING shaking around in the box. NEVER USE PACKING PEANUTS! They will compress quickly, and your speaker will be left bouncing around unprotected inside of the box.

 DO NOT send your cabinet. Please remove your speaker from the cabinet and send the speaker only.

When we are ready to begin your repair, we will contact you for payment of the total of the repair. This amount MUST be paid before any work will begin. Upon completion of your repair we will contact you for the payment of the return shipping. Payments can be made by credit card, or by PayPal invoice. PayPal Invoice can be paid by Paypal or by credit card, and MUST be paid before your speaker is returned.   In the packaging, you will receive a copy of the payment and repair receipts for your records.

Any balance not paid in full within 14 days of notification, will be considered abandoned, and the speaker will become the legal property of Springfield Speaker LLC, and sold to cover any balance balance.